Monday, August 11, 2014

Telling my story…

Today, inspired by Jane’s blogpost on Focusing Stories, hot on the tail of the MAGIC of #edchatnz I want to reflect on my storytelling.

Early in 2012 Jane empowered me to tell my story.  Up until then I did not realize or belief that I had a story to tell!  Jane, thank you for helping me see myself in the story I told. 

Stories I have shared:

With each of these stories I have always believed that it is Jane at the other end of the lens who has made the story! Jane's questioning and interest in my journey has always made me really reflect and inquire into my practice.

It is with great delight that I reflect on Jane’s recent CORE blogpost. 

“I have been interested in the process that schools go through when they let us into their place to help them tell their curriculum story. I find the whole process of 'storying' intriguing. By sitting down and taking the time to explore their own school story individually, and then telling the story to each other as they tell it to us, you can see new possibilities opening up.”

Through storying Jane empowered me see to the story, feel the story, and indeed be even more than I believed my story could be.

“Greer Cavallaro Johnson mentions that 'people construct identities through their talk in interaction with others' (2009, p270). This is evident when you place a video camera in front of someone. They are not only telling you the story of their curriculum change, but also their place within that change. It is interesting to see them explore this narrative through a different lens. They have been active in the process, but the process of storying allows them to see what their place was in that process, and to reflect on the experience.”

By being active in the process, by sharing a story, by believing in my story and the story of my learners I am able to reflect on the journey, rewind the story and imagine more to the story. 

Jane talks of the interactional process of storytelling.  Thank you Jane for enabling and empowering me to dig deeper into my story and my journey.  Thank you for helping me see the journey through other lens.  Thank you for the opportunity to write new chapters in my story.   

As I fly home from #echatnz I am so incredibly focused on the power of telling, sharing, creating, living your own story.  Thank you for helping me see storying as professional learning, reflection, change, and growth. 

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  1. Hear! Hear! I also want to thank Jane for the power of telling, sharing, creating and living the story. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am now if Jane hadn't sown a seed and then back it a few years ago. :)