Friday, August 8, 2014

#edchatnz day one highlights...

Highlights from today are innumerable... but lets capture some of them... in no particular order... just flowing out as they come to my overloaded mind...

  • he tangata, he tangata, he tangata..
  • Meeting old friends;
  • Making new friends;
  • Booktrack - woohoo - creating first story! (and booktrack t-shirt)
  • Design thinking with Diane;
  • Mark Osborne's words about sharing your story;
  • Catalina CAFE - you are MAGICAL;
  • Hobsonville Point Secondary School environment;
  • Hobsonville Point Primary teachers and learners sharing agency;
  • The MAGIC of Danielle Myburgh for making the dream a reality;
  • Selfies;
  • Grelfies;
  • Kidelfies;
  • Following new tweeps;
  • New tweeps following me;
  • CORE whanau connections;
  • Rainbow on the way to #edchatnz;
  • Rain on the way home from #edchatnz;
All in all the day has been MAGICAL from sun-up to sundown.... and more in store tomorrow... How will my exploding brain settle to allow sleep to happen...

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