Friday, August 8, 2014

Personalised Learning in action

Personalised Learning in action

Getting to know the learners - finding out what makes them tick. Making the learning as visible as possible - planning open for all to see - learners, teachers, community...

Visible learning: gathering evidence, documenting the learning journey! 

Keeping documentation of the journey - allowing learners to revisit their own learning journey!  

Learning workshops - need based and negotiated with the learners!  
Having learning visible in the form of a photo visual planner. Learners empowered to chose sessions.  Teachers able to add learners to slot for a follow up activities.  Ownership is through student making the choice, then recording the choice!  Colours are used for coding on the visual planner.  Eg - reading, writing, maths... Learners have to chose from these three then can record one other.

R W M for coding.  Teachers are able to encourage and empower learners to structure day. Activity cards are designed to help learners informed decisions to meet all of their needs.  

Hearing the story from the learner! 'At my old school, in the past, school wasn't so much fun, we all did the same thing...'  Moving to the present - the learners sharing the choice they have, student agency, planning own day, having a say in their learning.  

Just loving hearing the comparison... Learners able to verbalise the power they have over their learning journey! Reflections at the end of each day.  Reflecting on successes and challenges during the day.  Checking in with the teacher with your reflection leads to next decisions.  

Negotiated projects - can be scheduled into day and week timetable.  

Year 5-8 in a learning common - planning on individual google calendars. Planning to learn across all learning areas. 

Social media and the place they have in the learning environment at HPPS.  Reflecting on a time before devices... challenged the learners to survive for 3 hours without being connected to a device! From a simple project which began as a challenge, the instigator has seen a positive impact...  

Just loving hearing the story from a learner - empowering learners to spend time f2f!!! Youth of today eh - pure MAGIC!!!

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