Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Supprorting Teachers to make Overall Teacher Judgements

Workshop with Gary Tenbeth and Colin Williams

Workshops to support Overall Teacher Judgments

Dependability, validity and reliability of moderation, and quality of the professional talk.
What systems do you have in your school to enable this to happen?

Current context:

  • Curriculum = outcomes
  • Progression documents = indicators
  • Standards = signposts for progress
How do we develop the processes around OTJs?

Moderation is the process of sharing expectations and understanding of standards in order to improve the consistency of decisions (reaching agreement) TKI Assessment

Professional talk:
  • planned
  • informal
What are the planned and informal opportunities that are currently happening in your school?

Does your induction programme include regular opportunity to embrace new staff and share the discussion about what the standards are?  eg a whole year below to be below; a whole year above to be above.

Add moderation is most effective when slide....

Learning progressions in the framework do not always naturally sit within the levels.

Utilising the framework to work with learners in the grey areas, or for teachers who are struggling with next steps for learners. 

You don't have to be able to fill in every aspect.  The more you are able to fill in the greater this portion of your OTJ will be.  

TKI  diagram..  add the diagram to show the weighting!

Using the framework:
  • understanding what to notice;
  • shared understanding of a progression;

Rich talk that occurs within the moderation process is where the value is. It is manageable when scaffolded. Being aware of what you are looking for is crucial.  

When enhancing moderation consider what you currently do now and look at what is possible for next step!

Clarify the purpose - clarity around what we are trying to achieve will determine what we do. 

Shared understanding of what to notice is crucial.  

The illustrations should prompt questions such as:
  • What evidence do I have;
  • Is this the type of level that _____ could demonstrate?
  • Is this the 'kind of way' that _____ would solve these problems?
  • Is this the 'kind of way' that _____ would write idea, experiences or information;
  • Is this the 'kind of way' that _____ would respond to a text?
The power of professional discussion, backed with evidence and conversation around the aspects is where the value is.  

Using the frameworks to support moderation:
Moderate what?
  • aspects teachers are finding difficult;
  • sample selection of students;
  • students for whom making aspect decisions was difficult (gaps in evidence or where making a decision about a student's achievement was difficult)
The value of common frameworks:
  • Builds consistency of what to notice and recognise;
  • Highlights gaps in learning opportunities;
  • Gives a consistent framework within and across schools;
  • Progress through learning steps is made visible.

Taking it to infinitum... how would it look if we enabled our learners to discuss and moderate their work?

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