Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Connected Educator Month is HERE!!!

Woohoo - October the 1st, 2014 and the dawning of Connected Educator Month! 

Events for October 1, 2014

What a smorgasbord...

As I casually mentioned today, the challenge is going to be keeping it real - keeping it doable.  There is just such an incredible wealth of connecting opportunity!  Do a little and do it well might need to be my mantra!

Today I am committing my personal goal to my blog.  Alongside the sessions I have already committed to for CEM I am challenging myself to blog daily.  However big or small, I plan to commit a few thoughts to my blog to instil the habit of daily blogging. 

Today has been a truly MAGICAL day, the final day of the #nzla2014 conference.  The closing keynote was Brendan Spillane and yet again he touched my heart and my soul and challenged me to be a lot more at oneness, at peace, at quiet, and still with myself.  
Leaving the conference we did just that, we went to the beach.  We ate lunch on the beach at Mount Maunganui.  It really is good for the soul to take time to be still and notice joy all around.  

Later in the day, flying home I was able to share moments of wonder and joy with a fellow passenger as we were mesmerised by the changing sky.  

Moments of MAGIC or JOY in today..
St Mary's Tauranga Students entertain us with their Jump Jam

Celebrating the MAGIC and generosity of NZLA support for Samoan teachers

Lunch at the beach... just being at one with nature

Time with friends - JOY in being with friends

Conquering crazy fears - fear of flying in a small plane

Enjoying flying in tiny plane - enjoying the front window view

MAGICAL sunset

Heading home

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