Saturday, October 4, 2014

CEM - Connected Educator Month - catch up on Launch Week Events

Woohoo - Saturday the 4th of October and I have the opportunity to catch up on a couple of Launch Week activities that I was not able to be present at!  It really is MAGICAL to have everything rewindable!

What an incredible start to this amazing month, reaching out, connecting, collaborating, networking.  How incredibly surreal it feels to connected with educators around New Zealand and the world. 

I have had the incredible privilege of attending the New Zealand Literacy Association Conference in the beautiful Tauranga this week, hearing from many incredible educators, and being particularly impacted on by Ewan McIntosh and Brendan Spillane.  My thoughts today and are an intricate blend of my face to face and virtual sessions.  Deepest in my thought is the need to 'slow down' and be in the moment, noticing the joy.  I am almost embarrassed to share that for the first time ever I found deep joy in my housework.  Not only in the results of the shine and gleam, but in the time in took and the time to mull over my learnings this week.  Joy in housework is something I never even thought existed.  

Highlights from the first three days of October are numerous:
  • Wonderful launch week sessions - all fully rewindable;
  • Face to face with educators;
  • CORE whanau sessions online and face to face;
  • Twitter embracing many new educators who are sharing the MAGIC of becoming connected;
  • Christchurch Educators showcasing a blogpost each day;
  • The reach of Connected Educator Month already;
  • The challenge for us to actively embrace and connect others...
Very, very exciting times.

I also managed to catch up on #teachmeetnz asynchronously:
Which is blogged about here: 

Fabulous day....

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