Friday, October 31, 2014

Connected Educator Month.... not an ending... just a beginning

Here we are on the 31st of October already.  The eve of Connected Educator month seems a lifetime ago… when I failed to keep my eyes open to see the dawning of the day, posting this to twitter…
WOW, what a month.  This is a personal reflection on the journey through my eyes…

A very long time ago, when Connected Educator Month was first aired as a reality I dreamt of the possibilities.  Little did I realise just how MAGICAL  it really would be.  Little did I realise the power, the MAGIC, the intensity of a month of connected, self driven professional development opportunities. 

Goals I set myself:
·      Blogging everyday during October and suceeded on a lot of days;
·      Connecting online everyday and managed that easily;
·      Taking an opportunity everyday to take part in the PD offered, which I managed on about 50% of the days;
·      Sharing sessions during #cenz14 – certainly managed this with:
o   GEGNZ #educampnz SMACKDOWN on air
o   Ulearn mobile – PLN in your pocket
o   Ulearn14 – Online Communities
o   #eduignite dunners
o   #educampdunners
·      Connecting face to face with as many educators as possible and spreading the #cenz14 news
·      Tweeting
To be totally honest I think I have achieved about 10% of what I dreamt was possible, but every moment of it has been MAGICAL. 

Some of the highlights:
·      Everything is rewindable and I can participate in any of it over the coming days and months
·      Ulearn sessions – seeing educators connect and develop their PLN and really begin to realise the power of connecting
·      Face to Face sessions with educators and learners in schools, realising the power of connecting with their communitis and authentic national and global audiences
·      Supporting educators with ventures
·      Hearing my edu-heroes through webinars and Google Hangouts
·      Meeting my edu-heroes at conferences in and around New Zealand
·      Celebrating the growing of the eduignite and educamp sessions
·      Chatting with teachers who are working their way through the starter kete
·      Seeing the ripples flowing out from PLD that are impacting on learning
·      Celebrating the growing, open, caring online network of educators on twitter in New Zealand
·      Ulearn mobile and Ulearn14 feeling a part of something much greater – the power and force of #cenz14 really magnifying the Ulearn experience
·      Seeing the dream, the passion, the MAGIC realised through the tireless dedication and commitment of Karen Melhuish-Spencer and her crew

·       CORE Education’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of educational possibility...
Without a doubt in the world, education in New Zealand is at a significantly improved, connected state now, due to the 31 days of connecting, networking and sharing.

The caution now is to see this as a beginning, as a launching platform, as an opportunity.  The seed of Connected Educator Month is planted, watered and flourishing.  We must now continue to plant and water to see opportunities for all flourishing. 

As we head into the month of November tomorrow, what can we take forward? 

Firstly, there are a range of activities continuing for us to benefit from. 

·      Building a PLN for literacy webinar –Monday 3 November 3.45pm We would love to help you build your professional learning network to support your literacy classroom.  Please take a moment to fill out the survey to help us meet your needs for this webinar.  
·      #educamppalmy – Saturday 7 November 9am

There are all of the archives for rewindable learning.  For us to revisit, connect with and share.  There are a infinite number of educators, who, connected for the first time with online communities need our nourishing and support to get over the initial hurdles and speed bumps.  We must continue to welcome, involve and grow networks and connections, both online and face-to-face.

Tomorrow I am heading to TEDxChristchurch.  What an incredible opportunity and privilege.  For me the month of November starts on an uber high of networking, connecting, learning and sharing.  I am planning to live blog from the event to share the MAGIC with my wonderful PLN, many of whom cannot be present tomorrow. 

Next week I have my team hui.  As we reflect on the successes and challenges of 2014, I am sure that we will appreciate the privilege we have of being a part of the transformation of educational opportunities for learners today.  Increasingly Learning with Digital Technologies offers a new opportunity, a new way to engage a learner, empower a learner, support a learner and engender agency to a learner as they determine device, tool and approach. 

What a privilege to be an educator in New Zealand at the current time.

As many of you know, I operate very much from a ‘glass half full’ perspective, in fact my glass is usually overflowing. 

What are your highlights for Connected Educator Month?

What opportunities have you realised?

Where to now for you?

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