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Update 22 October 2014 - Literacy PLD continued

Kia ora,
Week two, term four and the weather continues to allow us to experience all four seasons in a week.  

Thank you to Merryl McAllister for asking about a writing competition to encourage and motivate her writer.  What an incredible response!  Thanks to Janet, Stephanie, Karen, Yvonne, Tina, Allana, Vanessa and Sarah for sharing your links and ideas.  Continually we see the greatest power and connection is when a teacher shares a need and others respond.  What questions or needs can you share with the list today?  Click reply to this email and ask your question.

Literacy PLD
This week I am sharing from Nadine Sorrensen’s workshop which I attended at the NZLA conference.
Developing student agency within a literacy rich junior literacy environment.  Nadine’s key messages:
  • Students need to be active participants in their learning
  • Students need to know:
    • WHAT they need to learn
    • HOW to do the learning
    • WHY they are learning the skill or strategy
  • Traits and dispositions need to be taught explicitly
Teachers need to
  • Check that the student can articulate the learning
  • Provide scaffolding  to support the learner to identify and set next steps/goals
  • Track and monitor the learning
  • Ask, can the student transfer the learning to other contexts?
Derek Wenmoth’s Agency Edtalk is a great place to start if you are exploring learner agency.
Nadine also shared an insight into remediation versus acceleration.  Using the table below can support you when identifying and supporting learners with their next steps.

Where the Student is AT

What is the student able to do?

(Level of the Literacy Learning Progressions)

Where the Student NEEDS TO BE

(Level of the Literacy Learning Progressions)

Student Shift

What NEW LEARNING do my students need?

Actions for Teachers

What NEW LEARNING do I need?

Nadine also shared the ‘Gradual release of responsibility model
Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 20.44.24.png
Nadine led us through two approaches to using a mentor/model text to expose students to something they don’t yet know how to do independently.  
Starting with the text:
Screenshot 2014-10-22 at 22.22.17.png
Starting with the learning intentions:
Screenshot 2014-10-22 at 22.23.01.png
How could you use these in your programmes to scaffold your learners?

Thanks to Nadine Sorrensen for a fabulous session on learner agency.

Collaborative Writing
Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to work with several groups of learners writing collaboratively. We have used a range of tools, including google docs and google slides, from year one right through to seniors.  The power of having the writing motivation, planning, brainstorming, word banks, and success criteria on the document has worked really well for educators and learners.  

Are you ready to give collaborative writing online a try, as another approach to the written language programme.  We would love to hear from you with examples, successes and challenges if you are already working in this way.  

The kidspeak writing progressions are able to cut and pasted into your shared docs.

Connected Educator Month is well underway. A global calendar of free online professional learning, offered by NZ and global organisations, make October the month that you and your colleagues connect and grow your online skills and professional learning. Become a connected educator and be part of an online, networked profession.


Have you had a chance to explore the  New School Journals available in digital form.  We would love to hear how you are using these in your programmes.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in literacy are new on the site and are well worthwhile checking out. How can you use these to support your PLD and literacy programme?

The Ready to Read series features in the latest Curriculum Update which links to the Shared Reading Meeting the Diverse Needs of Students.

Journal Journal 49 is now available to download. Teacher support materials and audio files can also be found online.

Ready to Read 2014 flyer is now available to download.

Children’s authors around New Zealand

This week we are showcasing Susan Brocker on Children's authors around New Zealand Have you checked out her writer’s tips?

Anne’s Literacy Links and Look ups…

Have you signed up for the Ready to Read review webinar? The first webinar is for  Literacy PLD providers and RT Lits. A second webinar for teachers will be run on the 20th of November at 3:30 - 4:30pm.
You can sign up for the webinars here.
Have you signed up for the Building a PLN for Literacy Webinar? We would love to help you build your professional learning network to support your literacy classroom

Ngā mihi nui
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