Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connected Educator Month - Blogsync

Working towards a blog post to share on blogsync space.

‘What it means to be a connected educator’ – my learning life online, and how being connected has affected my work in education."

What a privilege to take time to reflect on my learning life online.

Really appreciating the thoughts of Karen  Melhuish Spencer and Chris Waugh

  • Be confident and comfortable with own view
  • Share and be aware of the value of my story
  • Anecdotes (ANNEcdotal... new blog title....???)
  • Personal take
  • Add to the conversation and discussion
  • Share my personal dimension
  • Less is more  <=>
  • Making visible an insight into our personal journey
  • Personal response is welcome - words, multi media - any medium that works for author
  • Welcome gentle dissonance - warm yet challenging
  • Step up and make visible our thinking...
Uber excited to be a part of this...  Once blog post is complete - tweet to  or hashtag #blogsync

Topics for the month:

Week One: 1 October – 10 October: ‘What it means to be a connected educator’ – my learning life online, and how being connected has affected my work in education.
Week Two: 13 October – 17 October: ‘Diversity and inclusive practice’ What does this look like for us as Educators? For us as learners?
Week Three: 20 October – 24 October. ‘Leadership in schools’ – Modern leadership? leading change? leading with moral imperative?
Week Four: 27 October – 31 October: ‘Student agency and voice’ Making students’ contribution meaningful, giving it agency.
Really looking forward to this!  Who is joining in?
Here is a link to the recorded session!

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