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Update 14 October 2014 - Literacy PLD

Well here we are in the home straight, the final term.  A term to celebrate all the learning and push on with new challenges.  Maybe this is the term where you will experiment with something completely new in your literacy programme.  Or conversely, maybe this is the term where you call on a tried and true aspect of your practice and add a new twist to it.  We would love to hear what you are doing in your literacy programme.  Remember, what is quite ordinary to you, can be amazing to others.  So please do share your journey.  

Thank you to Darren Gammie who shared a post about Journal Surf which has generated considerable conversation.  If you wish to subscribe please email Darren directly at  It is fabulous to see the discussion and recommendation shared in this mailing list.   Thank you to Catherine Humphries for kicking off a rich discussion around schoolwide spelling assessment.  Welcome to Jane Carroll who this week shared Making Connections. Rich discussion is beginning with this post.  This week Catriona shared a post on Slow Reading Clubs, which has generated considerable discussion. We would love to hear your thoughts and your ideas represented in these discussions.  
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Literacy PLD
Catriona and I had the privilege of attending the NZLA Conference in Tauranga.  We would love to hear your highlights if you were there too.  My highlights are numerous and I plan to share a session in each of the updates over the coming weeks.  Today I am sharing Ewan McIntosh’s keynote highlights. Ewan shared an incredible keynote on the new literacies, the social literacies, the literacies essential for our modern life.  He hooked me in immediately, “good teaching is incredibly complex, good learning even more so”.
We need to clarify, share and understand our learning intentions and criteria for success. We need to really delve into these with our learners.  We must move from something we know, we know, to something we know, we don’t know all the way out to things we don’t know, we don’t know.  I loved the traffic light as a guide: if you are on green, you know it, go and use it; orange - you don’t know, but can find out and use in own time; red - you don’t know and dont know how to find out  - lets spend time together in class delving into this.  Provocation to learn has to be designed.  It cannot be left to chance.  
We must provide feedback that moves learning forward - kind, specific, useful feedback! Kind, specific, useful feedback can effect significant advances in learning as shown in this fabulous video Austin's Butterfly

Connected Educator Month is well underway. A global calendar of free online professional learning, offered by NZ and global organisations, make October the month that you and your colleagues connect and grow your online skills and professional learning. Become a connected educator and be part of an online, networked profession.


Have you signed up for the Ready to Read review webinar? The first webinar is for  Literacy PLD providers and RT Lits. A second webinar for teachers will be run on the 20th of November at 3:30 - 4:30pm. You can sign up for the webinars here.
Have you signed up for the Building a PLN for Literacy Webinar? We would love to help you build your professional learning network to support your literacy classroom.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in literacy are new on the site and are well worthwhile checking out. How can you use these to support your PLD and literacy programme?

The Ready to Read series features in the latest Curriculum Update which links to the Shared Reading Meeting the Diverse Needs of Students.

Journal Journal 49 is now available to download. Teacher support materials and audio files can also be found online.

Ready to Read 2014 flyer is now available to download.

Children’s authors around New Zealand

This week we are showcasing David Riley on Children's authors around New Zealand

Anne’s Literacy Links and Look ups…


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