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Update 24 September 2014 - Term 3 review and involving you in the mailing list

Welcome to the final week of term three.  I have to mention the crazy weather this week as I am sitting inside, surrounded by white hills, watching the snowflakes fall.  Not a good time to be a new born lamb, a farmer, or an orchardist!  Whatever you have planned for your well earned break, relax and enjoy.

This week I am reviewing term three and sharing some ideas for you to get involved in discussion on the mailing list.  

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A very warm welcome to all those new to the mailing list.  We really want to hear from you and engage you in discussion on the mailing list.

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  • Tell us what you would like to see more of in the updates.

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Term three Review:


Have you signed up for the Ready to Read review webinar? The first webinar is for  Literacy PLD providers and RT Lits. A second webinar for teachers will be run at a later date.

Have you signed up for the Building a PLN for Literacy Webinar? We would love to help you build your professional learning network to support your literacy classroom.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in literacy are new on the site and are well worthwhile checking out. How can you use these to support your PLD and literacy programme?

The Ready to Read series features in the latest Curriculum Update which links to the Shared Reading Meeting the Diverse Needs of Students.

Journal Journal 49 is now available to download. Teacher support materials and audio files can also be found online.

Updates this term have covered:

Literacy Progressions Personalising Literacy Learning through Kid-speaked Progressions. Mary-Anne Murphy explained the development of this valuable resource.
Literacy in Technology Christina Smith (Technology Online Content Editor) and Wendy Webb(Technology Online Facilitator) shared an insight into this curriculum area.
Guest blog post by Louise Dempsey - Motivating Students for Writing Louise’s tips for motivating students for writing.
#edchat conference  highlights from the inaugural conference and issues a challenge.
International Languages Week explored ideas for celebrating in your school.
SOLO Taxonomy in the Literacy Programme Virginia Kung, Liz McNeill and Bridget Casse shared their journeys using SOLO taxonomy in their literacy programmes.
Self Organised Learning Environments Sam Hocking’s  thoughts on what the future of learning looks like with Self Organised Learning organisations.
Using Assessment Data a guest blog post by Cathie Johnson from NZCER looks at how to get the best out of your assessment data.

Children’s authors around New Zealand

Children's authors around New Zealand now includes the following authors:  
  • Ella West who writes novels for teenagers and plays for adults,
  • Phillip W. Simpson who writes both fiction and non-fiction books for children and teenagers,
  • Lorraine Orman who had her first short story for children accepted by the School Journal in 1982;
  • Victoria M. Azaro who spends every free minute of the day writing and illustrating;
  • Rachel Stedman who works as a freelance procurement specialist;
  • Heather Arnold  who has been a graphic designer/illustrator for over 25 years.

Anne’s Literacy Links and Look ups…

Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to sharing an update with you again week one next term.  In the meantime I would love to hear from you on the mailing list.

Ngā mihi nui
Anne Kenneally
Literacy Online Facilitator
CORE Education
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