Monday, October 6, 2014


Woohoo - here we are on Monday the 6th of October - flying to Ulearn14 for f2f MAGIC in the midst of the online MAGIC of Connected Educator Month. 

What a turbulent start - when the pilot announced that we were heading for 'rock n roll' I wasn't quite prepared for the absolutely whirl of arrival into Christchurch. I was not at all keen to reboard for the next flight up to Rotorua... but so far so good.

So heading to #Ulearn14 it is time to set myself some goals:
  • Be in the moment;
  • Be calm;
  • Find joy (MAGIC) in all that I do;
  • Share our learning journeys in our session:
    • Connected Educator EduCampNZ Smackdown - online tonight 7.30 - 8.30pm
    • PLN in your pocket - Ulearn Mobile - f2f and online tomorrow 9.30-12 
    • Online Communities - Ulearn14 - 1.30 - 2.45 Wednesday
  • Facilitate/network/connect as part of the CEM social media team;
  • Continue to participate in, share and tweet sessions from CEM;
  • Connect with known peeps;
  • Meet and connect with new peeps;
  • Celebrate at the various dinners this week;
  • Celebrate the MAGIC of #Ulearn14

aghghghgh This is the first time I have ever had my sick bag at the ready!
This is the first time I have ever wanted out mid air... The pilot has just told us he has been unable to locate any smooth air and I can see we are just over Wellington.  It is going to be a looong flight yet.  Where is the JOY in this Brendan?  I will ask you when I next see you - where do you find joy when all around you seems to be in turmoil?  I obviously do need to develop some strategies for coping with this… I think I need to find a place to go to find an escape from the turbulence… 

Agh – maybe I have found the start to this journey in a reading I have opened shared earlier today by Ewan McIntosh…

And just when we thought it was calming… the pilot advises that the cross wind at Rotorua is too high for us to land and Hamilton isn’t looking much better… so with enough fuel on board we are circling Rotorua for 40 minutes then it is off to Hamilton or Auckland… Another exciting adventure for us indeed!

…and unbelievably I only have 10% power left on laptop… so not much more to share at this stage… Currently hovering over Rotorua… but looking likely to divert to Auckland at this stage….


Worst experience in living memory….

Landed in Tauranga on second attempt... Safe... shaken...

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