Monday, March 3, 2014

Ellerslie Flower Show

Following on from these two MAGICal days I had annual leave on Wednesday to attend the Ellerslie Flower Show.  I haven’t missed a show since it has been held in Christchurch and I was eager to see how they addressed the nasty criticism and feedback from last year’s show.  Katie and I started the day with breakfast at Brigitte’s in Merivale then arrived at the show as the gates opened.  Immediately it was apparent that a number of concerns have been addressed!  There was just soooo much more…. Of everything!  First stop was Emily’s garden to congratulate her on her GOLD! 

What a stunning garden!  Katie and I meandered around the gardens, checked out some of the retail on offer, bought a necklace and a top, then the wonder of the floral art Marquee.

Then headed to the marquee for the first Jenny Gillies show!  WOW! 

What an absolute delight this show is!  To see the marquee bulging with the crowd and people outside peeking in through the gaps was a joy to behold.  The talent in the costumes, the dancing and the humour in the show… altogether an absolutely MAGICAL experience.

On we went to look around the school gardens,

the garden sculptures…

The emerging talent…

Then took a break for lunch!

A final look around the gardens resulted in me being asked to share my thoughts on the show.  Well, as those of you who know me can imagine, I was uber keen to share my thoughts!!!!  I really am delighted to see the transformation of the show and was only too happy to share and promote this wonderful show!

A long drive home to Mosgiel at the end of the day with my girl was a delightful end to our day!

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