Monday, March 3, 2014

Te reo

In the air bound for Invercargill… What a week! Where do I start? How about I start with the MAGIC of last Monday and Tuesday? I had the pleasure and privilege of taking part in a two day Te Reo/Tikanga hui. This workshop was facilitated by the amazing Tahu, supported by Anaru and Tamara. What an incredible privilege to work across teams to challenge ourselves and support each other. My greatest reflection on the two days is a time of support, nurturing and encouragement. For the longest time I have been keen to increase my reo and it is a privilege to have a support network to text and tweet with! It is also fun to continue to extend my sentences as I add in new vocab to a familiar structure. A real success of the two days was the element of fun, the singing, actions, waiata, and repetition. Another highlight was starting and finishing the day connecting online with our groups in Wellington and Auckland. The transformative power of technology is evident on occasions such as this. For me, now, the challenge is to continue to grow my learning, sharing my learning and support others. My digital mihi, which I will share with schools this week is a great start…..

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