Thursday, March 13, 2014

Precious time at home!

I have just had a six-day stint at home – my longest stint home so far this year and it was bliss!  My sister was down from the North Island and we had many laughs, and giggles as we shared stories and adventures from our past.  On Saturday we took Mum for a drive down memory lane to her home area of Katea Valley.  This was a wonderful opportunity for us to rekindle some of her long-term memories as we visited the site of her family homestead and met colleagues she grew up with. 

We were also able to have another wonderful family get-together which is increasingly precious.

This week I have been working mainly online from home and I want to reflect on the focus and direction of our LwDT journey this year.  The year begins with us scoping our schools which involves visiting schools to identify targets, goals, strengths and needs.  This year our management team have worked to create very clear pathways and documentation to enable us to best articulate and meet the needs of our schools.  I am really enjoying the increased focus and direction.  I am reflecting on times in my teaching career when I found we were able to effect the greatest impact.  It was indeed, in times such as these with sharp focus, boundaries and goals.

I was also able to celebrate with my son’s girlfriend last night!  She graduates on Friday and as I will still be in Auckland.  Graduation is a very special celebration and I am so proud of her.  I am really looking forward to seeing the photos and celebrating with her again on Friday night.

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