Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flying to Invercargill today!

Here I am in the air flying to Invercargill.  Ahead are three exceptionally full on days travelling around schools in the south as we continue our scoping process. 
As we fly south, on the third day of Autumn, I am shocked to see snow so low on the hilltops.  I was hoping for a late summer, stretching into autumn, but alas it does not look very likely! 

So, time to set some autumn goals!
My poor old garden kind of missed out on its spring clean up so the autumn clean up is going to be HUGE!  I love this autumn time in the garden though as the colours change and it is time to bed everything down for winter!  My newly purchased gardening gloves from the Ellerslie Flower Show will come in very handy as I cut, trim, weed and mulch!  I am really looking forward to a complete weekend at home to begin this at the end of a crazy week!

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