Monday, March 3, 2014

Literacy update 26 February 2014

Kia ora tātou,
I reflect back on the opening to my update last week when I spoke of the settled weather!  How things can change in a week, with thunder, lightening and hail storms yesterday and almost a frost this morning!  Whoever said change is the only certainty is right.  I wonder how we embrace this change?  

I had the privilege of spending time in Christchurch where I was able to tour the Oi You! rise STREET ART project.  The artwork challenged me to think about the ranges of literacies we interpret and ‘read’ in our lifetime!

Literacy Online Book Recommendations list continues to grow.  I can thoroughly recommend another great read I enjoyed this weekend, Classroom Habitudes. Angela Maiers combines habits and attitudes and offers support to transform opportunities for yourself and your learners.  I wonder if any of you are in book groups?  I wonder if we could set up some book discussions groups in this forum?

I also want to draw your attention to The Writing Book a practical guide for teachers by Sheena Cameron. I have been talking to a group of teachers who have been looking at this resource this week and I eagerly await a chance to read it.  Could anyone who has read it please share their thoughts?

It is wonderful to see the questions and collaboration developing in the mailing list.  What burning questions or challenges do you want support with?  What successes do you want to share?

The literacy online vln group continues to grow. This week I invite you to check out the reading page.   What can you use, share, add to this site?

Effective pedagogy in mathematics (Summary of BES) is available to download.  Section 8, page 21, Mathematical Language is well worth checking out!  “Effective teachers shape mathematical language by modelling appropriate terms and communicating their meaning in ways that students understand.”  I would love to hear how you have used this in your practice.

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