Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pasifika hui...

So, here I am in the air bound for Auckland.  This is another precious opportunity made possible by the best company in the world, CORE Education! I am heading to Auckland for a Pasifika hui.  I am privileged to have opportunity to increase my Pasifika language and cultural awareness culminating with Polyfest on Friday. It is hard to explain how it feels to be adopted by a company that values it’s employees, and cultures the way CORE does.  I am really looking forward to connecting with my dear Pasifika friends, Anthony, Manu, Togi, Shannon, and Rutu, as well as reconnecting with my colleagues who are attending this hui.  My goals for the hui are:
·      Interogate PEP (Pasifika Education Plan further)
·      Learn new vocab
·      Learn new songs
·      Understand Lalaga Tivaevae Niu in new ways
·      Learn the Pasifika songs adopted by our CORE family
·      Actively connect with, listen to, and collaborate with everyone at the hui
·      Embrace Polyfest to the full
·      Gain a greater understanding of our Priority learners
Alongside all of this I am extremely privileged to be rooming with my buddy Catriona, so in a way it is like school camp.  I am sure we will natter into the wee small hours as we have so much to catch up on, share, discuss, question, challenge and work on.  It is a rare privilege to have a colleague based at the other end of New Zealand who is a dear friend and a valued  source of collaboration and learning.  

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