Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A for ACTIVE - Day one at Alert Level 4

Here goes... day one at Alert Level 4!

Today is brought to you by the letter A for Active. At 11.59 yesterday evening we entered level four after a community COVID case was identified in Auckland. Just yesterday I was shocked to see that it was over a year since I had blogged and I thought, what better way to get back to it than blogging.

A for active.

I really am secretly delighted with this little pause in our country. I am so sorry for those who are suffering and hope for speedy recoveries, and a drop down the levels, but for now, we can pause. 

Keeping active is so important for me and I want to share a couple of wonderful opportunities. 

FitOn is an incredible free app. 

I am thoroughly enjoying the workouts, challenges and opportunity to work out at home for free.

This is a wonderful free series. I have not managed to complete them daily, but am up to day 22 and absolutely loving it. 

Biking - YUSS, back on my bike. What an absolute delight to get back on my bike, on the super quiet streets. I am so glad we have our bikes and helmets here at home this time. It was super windy today, and freezing cold. I biked as far as I could into the wind, turned around and in the blink of an eye I was back home!

Active is a great start to the time of isolation for me. 

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