Thursday, August 26, 2021

I for inspire - Day 9 Alert Level Four

 I for INSPIRE, inspiration, inspirational, interesting, intriguing...

What a day today, I've been online for many, many hours today. Taking regular breaks and walking around the garden has kept me sane-ish.

In these times, it really is so important to take these breaks, to get out of the office, the house and around the garden. 

Inspiration was everywhere to be found in the garden today... When I took a break and Grant and I walked around the garden, Grant noticed flowers on this newbie. This is a plant I purchased at the Larnach Garden plant sale. I seem to remember it was a Michaelia, but not sure. What ever it is, I LOVE it....

I love seeing all of the hyacinths popping up... can't wait to pick them and have hyacinth perfume through the house...

My trilliums are popping up everywhere.

Another highlight in my day today was working with our team to unpack our strengths. 
Identifying strengths using the VIA strength survey can really help in so many ways. 

Working adults that know their own strengths are 9 times as likely to be psychologically flourishing as those who are unaware of their own strengths. Those that often use their strengths are 19 times as likely to be psychologically flourishing as those who seldom use their strengths.
(Hone et al., 2015)

Have you identified your strengths?

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