Saturday, August 21, 2021

D for Delightful - Day 4 Level Four Alert

 D for Delightful, daffodils, dreamy, D as in Vitamin D, dramatic, duck, and dinner...

What a day! We started with a -6 frost, then the sun shone. We got out in the garden and managed to complete a task that has need attention for a very long time. We repaired the stone path around the vege garden and concreted it. What a delightful sight indeed. 

An afternoon in the garden was a real pleasure in the sunshine. I finally moved the reeds from the back and put my new rustaholic reeds in. 

Then it was off for another bike ride. We are gradually increasing the distance each day, and I have to admit, saddle seat is real.  So many incredible sites for Isolation - driveway drinks, bears back out and this incredible chalk hopscotch...

A trip to New World this evening was a very pleasant experience with no queues and shelves very well stocked. 

Roast Duck for dinner was another delight. 

The highlight of the delights though has to be FaceTime and the opportunity to read bedtime stories to lil guy!!!

Delightful day indeed!

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