Friday, August 27, 2021

J for JOY - Day 10 Alert Level Four

 Agh yes, JOY, there is so much JOY to be found at Alert Level Four. Today is no exception. The morning started with another fabulous FitOn session, then it was into online mahi.

Another awesome patch of the section was tidied by Grant. This area has been quite overgrown and we've never really seen the need to clear extra space. How good does it look though!

And a walk around the garden and I discovered this little treasure I purchased from Hokonui alpines last year. It's a little daphne. I absolutely love the colour. 

A real treat at this time of lockdown was a necessary essential service patrol out in the forest. Oh how exciting to get out and take a picnic lunch. Shame about the weather but it was such a JOYFUL time to be out and about. 

An end of the day catch up with my amazing friends from Teacher's College topped a truly JOYFUL day!

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