Thursday, August 19, 2021

B for BIKING - Day 2 at Alert Level 4

B for BIKING, and bliss, birds, blossoms, blooms, bees, balance...

Day two, agh, how glorious this pause is. I am struggling with fitting work in around my "Anne" time, but working on a balance. It is a little harder to take when Grant is home enjoying time in the garden, and I am upstairs in the office in online meetings, but we are working to make this work. 

The end of the day today saw us out on our bikes again. What a glorious day it has been. The wind dropped and the sun shone. It truly is amazing to be back biking on streets almost empty of traffic. It is so quiet you could hear the birds singing everywhere today. 

So many wonderful options to bike from our place. I am really looking forward to getting out and about on the bike as often as possible. 

Stunning sunshine, blossom, and clumps of miniature daffodils all on show today. 

It was so quiet out today, you could hear the bees buzzing around this stunning blossom tree. 

Blooming beautiful and very fragrant. The sun over the past couple of days has really seen the spring flowers bursting out in our garden. Soooo fragrant too. 

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