Sunday, August 22, 2021

E for Energetic - Day 5 Alert Level 4

 E for Energetic, and exhausted, energy, enthusiastic, easy, 

After another great sleep I decided today was a great opportunity to bake and cook and get some meals in the freezer for upcoming events.  I had soaked the fruit overnight and was interested to try Jenny's fruit loaf recipe. It was a bit of a mixed result. The small loaf was great, but I didn't cook the large one long enough, so the birds got a big lunch!

I also baked two sticky date puddings, and a large date loaf.

Great to get the freezer stacked. 

Then it was off for a bike ride. The sun had finally come out, and we decided to have a gentle ride. Check out some of the amazing footpath artwork, and games people are adding. Unreal! I didn't add the bears today as there was a bit of a drunken bear theme going on out there. 

I truly don't think I have ever seen so many people on Mosgiel streets! So great to see families out biking, walking, jogging...

So the last three days we've biked 11km, 12km, 13km, so why not up it a bit? 23km? Hmmmmm that was a big jump up and I sure am feeling that tonight. 

A nice rose with dinner, and for those of you that know the wine COVID testing video, yes, I took a couple of tests tonight... hahahaha

...and back in the kitchen, I round the night off with baking three batches of lasagne! And I am pleased to confirm it is delicious.

Energised to exhausted.... and it may indeed be an early night for me tonight... 


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