Saturday, October 29, 2011

After Ulearn Magic...

The last day… day for a sleep in, but oh no, we are up and ready for action early.   Off we go – final destination, Auckland.  
Magic wee stop at Tirau for a little bit of retail therapy.  Stop in Cambridge at my sister’s shop and a coffee for the journey.  A couple of random stops along the way were the race way at Hampton downs and the dragway at Meremere.  

We found an awesome cache with a Welsh geocoin, a real highlight of our caching.  A stop at Pokeno for a refuel, then Auckland Bound for some more retail therapy at Westfield.  Finally we checked into our very nice motel, dropped our bags and heading for the waterfront… TRUE MAGIC…  The whole week has been amazing, and this really is the icing on a delectable #Ulearn cake.  We soaked up the atmosphere on the waterfront visiting the fan zone, the cloud, 10 shed, the rugby ball, the entertainment, busking… 

Loving that I have really been on the soil, at Ground Zero.  Can’t wait for the final tonight… Go the Abs.  Back across town with a stop for a bite at Denny’s.  After a bit of an online catchup, I think we got lights of by 12.30am.  What a shock it was to hear the alarm at 5.15am, and what an adventure it was to find the rental car return and get checked into flight NZ671 bound for Dunedin.  Claire and I really maximised our 4square opportunities, even checking into the TARMAC… Struggling to keep ,my eyes open, I chewed on my All Black jet plane lollies and we chatted about the magic of the Ulearn experience.  

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