Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day two Ulearn

Up early AGAIN, this time for a breakfast workshop with Stephen Heppell.  The whole concept of a breakfast meeting is MAGIC.  You get to eat, sit around a table, listen, chat and learn.  I just loved listening to Stephen.  I am in awe of the magic of learning spaces he shared and remain committed to revolutionising my class learning space for 2012.  I hung on his every word about collaboration and need to research further and talk further about aspects of collaborative classroom work.  I am committed to a fully collaborative, blended learning environment for next year with a school in Wellington.  Stephen talked about collaboration between 3+ classes, 3+ teachers.  I am wondering if we need to expand our vision for 2012.  Having been a part of facebook research with Stephen’s relative, I felt a connection and am keen to follow his projects and grow and learn.
Directly after this was the keynote presentation by Jan Herrington.  We stayed in the overflow room for this keynote and it was interesting again to be in a more spacious venue, with tables.  We need to continually be aware of the needs of our learners and encourage them to reflect and work out which is best for them, for specific sessions.
Off to the Rydges next for Using ICT to improve student learning in literacy with Simon Turnbull.  HUGE range of literacy links requiring a real thorough investigation...

Next up Leading Innnovation with Simon Breakspear.  The conference dinner was a very social occasion and an awesome spectacular with nearly a black out of costuming.  The pre-dinner entertainment was hilarious with a ‘rugby’ show.  Great meal, great times….

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