Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lessons from my hunter...

Lessons in teaching….
My son has been a passionate hunter from a very young age.  He has progressed through various stages on the journey.  On Saturday he shot his first deer.  With the help of his mate he carried it/dragged it out of the hills.  With the help of a book and the internet my son hung it and skinned it.  The next day an acquaintance came around and this is where I was in awe.  I witnessed the ultimate teaching experience.  I saw a young adult model one cut as they proceeded to prepare the venison.  After C. had demonstrated, J. experimented with his side.  Together they prepared the deer. 
What you say, is the lesson in that?
1.       With Passion and perseverance you can achieve your goal;
2.       Purchasing and reading a book can support your hobby/goal/passion;
3.       The world wide web has support for any venture – in this case – a hunting forum;
4.       An acquaintance who supports you is invaluable;
5.       Some people are born to teach – C. modelled, encouraged, and gave time for J. to practice;
The lesson I took away from this is how important it is to allow the learner to learn.  Give opportunities for self discovery and experimentation.  Allow modelling and practise of new learning.  Encourage everyone to pursue their dream…

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