Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ulearn adventure begins…

Woohoo, Claire and I headed off on our adventure today.  We flew to Auckland with Air NZ on the day of the first semi-final, between Wales and France.   Our air host was very entertaining and plied us with All Black treats... and we even got to sit with two of the All Blacks! 

We arrived in Auckland and collected our rental car.  We struck up a conversation with a couple from Canada and a couple from Wales who were travelling to Taupo in their rental van.  They had pages of Google map directions… and we had a GPS so of course we offered to help them on their way.  Only one slight mistake… In our careful marking of the rental address, to enable an easy return next week, somehow or other we marked a waypoint on the GPS and set off on our adventure, chatting away, excitedly looking forward to our drive.  Only after about ten minutes driving on some very ‘back’ roads did we realise that we had gone in a circle back to our starting poi nt.  When we stopped and apologised to our followers, I have an inkling they thought we were playing games… Hmmm, slightly funny and slightly embarrassed.  Eventually we got on the ‘real way’ out of town and heading down to Hamilton.  
Lessons from today... 
Life is good, very very good:
Celebrate with the All Blacks, 
Never miss an opportunity to help visitors from overseas......
Learn the difference between way point and final destination on GPS!

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