Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twitter Tour 2011 heads into the future....

28 October 2011

Up early for the slow drive across town to Stonefields School.  My first impressions were that I have arrived at a school of the future.  I met Sarah, Chris and Kirsty and immediately sensed the passion, the pedagogy and the Magic of this place.  The learning spaces are pure magic, the thinking is visible, the student voice is audible.  I really wish I had been educated in an environment like this where I feel a real ‘honouring’ of the learner.  The syergy, the learning buzz, the discussions – PURE MAGIC

Takeaways from Stonefields:
  • Make thinking visible;
  • Honour the learner and listen to and really hear the student voice;
  • Collaborate;
  • Be aware of every learner and celebrate successes;
  • Is there really any way to teach other than collaboratively in hubs...
  • I am incredibly determined to make the most amazing learning space for my learners for 2012....

Next stop – Hingaia Peninsulaschool which opens in 2012 where I met (in a temporary office) with Jane, Haley and Cole.  This is just truly amazing.  This is really the future, living the dream, designing a learning environment for the learner of today and tomorrow.  I am in awe of the journey…  Spent a wonderful afternoon chatting and soaking up the magic.  Thanks so much team!  I really look forward to following the journey….

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