Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 3 Ulearn

Friday was up and away to our Google Masterchef session with our Google gals, Fiona, Tania, Tara and Helen.    This session got me all googly and I see google apps as a real turning point in my collaborative learning journey.  Thanks for a magic session girls.
Ulearn11 concluded with a keynote from Simon Breakspear and before we were prepared for it Ulearn11 drew to a close.  Reluctant to leave the friends, the atmosphere, the fun, we successfully conquered a very challenging geocache and headed for a last lunch together at Lime. 

After dropping Jo and Lynda back to their motel Claire and I again became tourists and headed up to the blue and green lakes.  

This trip really has been a magic blend of work and play, learning and socialising, and soaking up the atmosphere of Rotorua. 
A truly magical experience…
Thanks to Core Education, #Ulearn11 is blazing the fire within me… 
My takeaways are:      
  • He Tangata, he tangata, he tangata (quoting @TarncNZ), it really is all about the people, connecting and relating;
  • Online is fantastic, preparing, supporting and enabling so much more in the offline world (quoting @kmelhuish)
  •  Meet, connect, socialise, interact with anyone and everyone,
  • Fully engage in the experience,
  • Googly is good – (quoting the Google Gals) – I truly can’t wait to develop google sites to support my blended learning environment for 2012;
  •  Collaborate – by sharing google docs we have a wealth of resource material,
  • Pace yourself…
  • Reflect on each session – what does this mean for me, for my learners, how can I adapt or apply this,
  • Discuss your thoughts with others to really heighten your opportunities to synthesize learning.

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