Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The little 'holiday' before Ulearn

Two magic days with family.  I don't get to see my niece and nephew very often so to spend two days with them on the way to Ulearn is magic.  When I was up visiting in July they 'fell in love' with my ipad.  Now, they have saved almost $600 towards their own to share.  I am in awe of their determination and persistence.  They have worked tirelessly for this and saved all pocket money and not even thought about spending any.  At 7 and 9 the ipad really is the window to the world....

On Monday we headed off to Ohaupo to meet up with Barbs and Allanah and the adventures began.  We had the most amazing giggle filled ‘quick’ journey across from Cambridge to Rotorua…. Taking a mere 7 hours with 9 successful geochaches, lunch and shopping.  What an awesome day.  

We arrived at Rotorua and found our house on the hill.  A quick trip down town and we were all set up.  This is my first ever visit to Rotorua and I am loving it already.... 

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