Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twitter Tour 2011 North Island

After two days at home it was back out to the airport and off on another leg of Twitter Tour 2011.  We flew into Auckland and drove to Cambridge where Mum is spending a week.  I drove over to Tauranga and met Janet McCarroll at St Mary’s Tauranga.  Thanks to @heugumperNZ for this magic connection.  Janet and I shared a magic day, discussing pedagogy, people, practice, and much much more.  We really connected and are eagerly anticipating exciting collaboration on our Technology Hub for Conference 2012.  The magic of St Mary’s is evident as you enter the foyer and continues throughout.  Thanks Janet.

After a gorgeous drive in the country I met up with Marcus Norrish at Pahoia School.  I felt an immediate connection with the learning space and have so many takeaways with furniture spaces.  

The Pahoia hall story is pure magic, as is the entire environment.  Thanks for a magical meet up Marcus.

An awesome evening was had Mount Manganui with Janet.  We walked around the mount and reflected on the disaster of Rena.  

There is evidence of the drama throughout the area with a constant buzz of helicopters, uniformed workers, tanks and clean up stations.  Janet shared with me the wisdom of a harbour employee who is reflecting on the positives from Rena.  It is inspirational to see a ‘glass half full’ attitude coming through in the face of adversity.  Tauranga and the Mount are now fully in the world eye; the town is inundated with workers collaborating to minimise the damage, the flow on for businesses is huge and having a very positive effect on the economy, the people are talking and collaborating, one day there will be an amazing dive site to investigate the Rena in the depths...

A magical dinner at the mount followed.  What a truly wonderful  time I have had here.  

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