Saturday, October 8, 2011


7 October 2011 Sydney Convention Centre
What a MAGIC day.  The celebration began early in the day and carried on way into the night.  All dressed up, wearing jandals, carrying heels (unlike those I saw hobbling on heels all day) we set off for the Convention centre.  To say we were treated royally is an understatement.  Like clockwork we were welcomed, kitted out in our academic regalia and had professional photographs taken.
Then it was off for an adventure around Darling Harbour.  First stop, of course, was the carousel!  I reflected earlier in the week that my leadership model was a circus tent so how could this be anymore appropriate?
Then it was time to celebrate with my friends who I have journeyed through the study with...
Darling Harbour was buzzing!  Granduands everywhere with family and friends.  Truly magical...
We were so fortunate to have our gorgeous men with us for the day.  They were saints, patiently supporting us and celebrating with us.
The formal celebration was at 2pm with 600 graduands across the Science, Business, Education and Nursing Faculties...We were welcomed with a wonderful speech by Senator Jacinta Collins.  She was entertaining and thought provoking.  Then the formal graduation began...
Magic is the only word to describe it....
Then the party continued with refreshments and photos on the deck...

...and a very well earned refreshment session on the waterfront!
Dinner was an amazing celebration at PUZA - The Meat and Wine Co,  a gorgeous South African restaurant on the water with exquisite food....great company... MAGIC

We followed this up with a magical walk right around Darling Harbour, then dessert and coffee...



  1. What an awesome day you've had - love the photos - fantastic memories - and the jandals!

  2. Congratulations.

    Definitely a day to remember.

  3. Congratulations Anne! After all that hard work, a much deserved and magical celebration! I love watching you fizz about magical moments in the classroom and life in general! This is certainly one of them! :)

  4. Hahahahahaaa yeah gotta love those jandals! Glad you had such a wonderful day. Perfect celebration by the look of it. Margaret

  5. Congrats! Loving the food snaps and frivolity of graduation. Oh no does that mean I should go to mine?

  6. Fantastic - very well-deserved after all of your hard work. I don't think graduation at Flinders will be quite as exciting!