Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From Mountain to the sea...

Today is my last day here in Taranki with Mum and Doug, so off we go on an adventure.  Driving over to Kaponga, first stop Hollard’s garden – what a sensational garden this is.

It was threatening to rain and I really wondered if we should perseverce past the first walkway… Well, I sure am glad we did.  It is the most magical garden.  Right throughout the garden is the story of the owners and their development of this land from farmland.  It really is a show garden with the most amazing rhododendrons I have seen in  a long time.  So many of the white ones are so highly perfumed and it is quite magical to walk through.  Down the back of the garden the rain really starts to pour down and we sought shelter in the garden gazebo for coffee and cake and a talk to the gardeners.  What an amazing place.  So glad we made the effort.

Onwards we head up Mount Egmont.  This is an amazing scenic drive through stunning bush.   We had a picnic lunch at the Dawson Fall’s carpark then clambered down the hillside to view the magical falls.  STUNNING.  

Back down the mountain just in time to arrive at Stratford for the 3pm showing of the glockenspiel – finally mananged to time it right Regan.  What an amazing clock and a great show.  

On we headed to Eltham for an ice-cream.  There really is something so magical about an ice-cream stop on a Sunday drive. 

Back to Normanby and over to Ohawe beach.  After a walk up the river mouth to talk to the whitebaiters we walked down to the sea.  

Simply amazing.  I just love beach – the different scenes, driftwood, stones, black sand and water… I really do need to put living at the beach on my bucket list.

Finally home for dinner, game of cards and a well earned early night.
The journey from mountain to sea is simply magical….

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