Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, marvellous Monday...

Up early to head to New Plymouth, arriving about 11.  What followed was a marvellous tour of Pukekura park and the waterfront, so etched in my memory from childhood trips to Taranaki. 

Back to Christine’s for lunch and time to meet yet more cousins and have a wonderful family lunch. 
A true highlight of this year has been reconnecting with so many of my relatives. 
As we headed out of New Plymouth we decided to visit the stunning Te Rewa Rewa bridge.  It sure is worth a visit...

Off we go heading north for Cambridge. It really is a stunning drive up along the water then we headed in land from Awahino.  A very refreshing stop at the Fat Pigeon in PioPio refreshed us and off we headed again.  

A couple of stops to prepare me for the Halloween rematch and off we head, eventually arriving in Cambridge at 5.50pm.  Waiting at the door with my ipad filming for the R and R attack, I am surprised when Simon opens the door and tells me the kids are not there.  Totally relaxed, I stupidly let my guard down and returned to the car for our bags.  As I returned to the door, two little imps launched themselves on my in disguise and bombarded me with confetti and party poppers… and so the rematch began.  Around the yard, over the trampoline – oh what fun. 
Dinner time was a welcome treat for me as I had hid skeletons in their salad, and spiders in their beds.  Much hilarity later and off to bed we went.  

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