Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuesday - a magical family celebration..

Up after a reasonable sleep and so begins another adventure.  Marie and I were heading off for a day touring garden with the Taranaki garden spectacular but we had the opportunity for a very special family reunion. This family reunion was celebrated around the table with more crayfish than I have ever seen and more whitebait than I have ever eaten...
What a magic day.  

How truly serendipitous to spend a day with very special family members.  Thanks Stephen for all the seafood treats...
At the end of the day Marie and I got to visit two gardens and back in time for the Melbourne cup.  What a magic day in Taranaki.


  1. Reading the text and the photos there seems somewhat of a miss match- pictures of koura and words of garden tours!! Very serendipitous indeed

  2. haha - thanks Allanah, always so good to know someone reads what I write! It was all on the same day - sorry forgot to speak of the crayfish! :) It is HUGE isn't it!