Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday on the Auckland Waterfront again...

Saturday morning, first sleep in for a very long time… Then it was off to Mission Bay with the bikes.   We biked around the waterfront and met with Ann and Caroline at the cloud.  

It is very hard to believe that this is the same place Claire and I spent last Saturday night.  So much has changed.  The ball has gone, the whole fan zone area is cordoned off and the waka is coming down.  The waterfront is still buzzing with people and the celebration is still evident.  We eventually decided to have lunch in the Wynyard quarter at JackTar.  

What a magnificent celebration with my study buddies.  This really is very special to be together on the waterfront.  I love this place, from the pallet walls to the speights crate bar.

Back up to Brown’s Bay for a BBQ on the deck with a magnificent fireworks display below on the domain.  What a wonderful celebration for my last night in Auckland.

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