Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The way I try to live my life...

You have not lived a perfect day, even though you  have earned your money, unless you have done  something for someone who will never be able to  repay you. -- Ruth Smeltzer
It is very easy to do something for someone when you know the favour will be returned.  The challenge is doing, giving, or sharing when you know it can't be returned.  That is when you truly understand your power to change!  Recently I was at the supermarket when a young Mum did not have enough money for her groceries; she was only $10.00 short.  She was very embarrassed and tried to phone to transfer money, but nothing worked. The checkout lady put her order on hold and served me.  I was privileged to get cash out and hand it to the young mum and walk away.  When I got to the car I felt quite emotional. I do not know the feeling now of not having enough to pay for thegroceries.  I do, however, remember times when it was very tight.  I was surprised by the emotions that filled me.  I really wonder what we can do to encourage our learners to give away to others.    I think it is important to give and keep on giving, and I plan to build giving into our learning programme for 2012.

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  1. I was on the bus yesterday when I saw a little interchange happening - an old lady got on the bus too late for her free ride - she needed $2 cash to continue the journey. The bus driver told her to hop on and find the money while he continued to drive. A youngish girl (18-25) sitting opposite the old lady fished the money out of her purse and paid for the old lady's trip and refused reimbursement. I know it was only $2 - but it was a random act of kindness.

    I've been the recipient of various random acts of kindness over the years - especially when living on little money and resources - it's my turn now to be on the other end of them. I'm inspired by the smile cards produced by Helpothers.org ...