Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reflection on my latest Twitter Tour...

Reflection on this last leg of “Twitter Tour 2011 North Island”
How can I begin to explain the magic of the new connections, how can I begin to mesh it all together.  One true highlight of this journey was finding out that I have been accepted for NAPP (National Aspiring Principal’s Programme for 2012).  This really took me by surprise and is an awesome next step in my journey.   I am really excited about this journey,  and extremely excited to see that I know a number of fellow tweets who are travelling the same journey.  Reconnecting on this journey in 2012 with you all will be magic. 
Back to this tour… what a privilege it has been to have this time of leave.  What a privilege it is to be able to head off into the sunset on an adventure.  What a privilege to meet such amazing people along the way.  You are all very special to me and you have all played a part in shaping me and my views for teaching and learning for now and into the future.  I have loved the opportunity to talk with you all, share your stories and walk in your footsteps for a while.  The holstee manifesto, my motto for now, really is shaping me.  

I am living my life, living it to the full and making the most of every opportunity to reach out.  Thank you to you all.
A special thank you to NZ Discount car rentals 080017951795, Jo Bolton for the magic of a $19.95 a day rental car.  Without your company I simply could not have afforded to on the road for the length of time I have this year.  

Thanks to all the schools, teachers and learners I have met along the way – you make me shine.  Thanks to all the wonderful relatives I have connected with and shared meals with and stories along the way.  I am exceptionally privileged to have such a large, close, extended family.  To everyone I have come into contact with, thanks for the memories….
In closing,
Life is a game - play it
Life is a challenge - meet it
Life is an opportunity - capture it
I am playing it, meeting it and capturing it!

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