Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday - heading to Raumati Beach

Up early and away I go over well travelled land… all the way to Raumati Beach.  Much to my surprise, the 3 hour journey was only 35 minutes further south than I had been yesterday!  I arrived at Raumati Beach School in time for a game of corridor cricket.  After break we began a very exciting green screen session, shooting legends scripted by the learners in six groups.  Not only had they created the legends, they made the props and planned all the scenes.  Here I must share the story of the grasshoppers that I heard many years ago…  If you keep grasshoppers in a shoe box with the lid on for a period of time, when you eventually take the lid off, they will only jump as high as the lid, because they are conditioned to only do what is allowed or expected of them.  However, if you take the lid of and let the grasshoppers take risks, challenge themselves, leap and learn, they will forever reach outside the boundaries.  

I saw the evidence of learners used to challenging themselves and problem solving as they co-operated, collaborated and created.  Fun times indeed.  Thanks Jo and Room 12.  After school, Jo and I set off for a geocache session, a walk up the hill, and a walk through the Coastlands Mall. 

The day was completed with dinner out at Mediterranean Food Warehouse with Jo and her daughter Emma and Julie.  What exciting times ahead for the learning hub at Raumati Beach.

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