Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learning with Digital Technologies

What a stunning hui!
 We had the privilege of a day with Joan Dalton and David Anderson!  I have to share some highlights of the day!

  • Wonderful for us all to be back together again to start 2014 with a buzz!
  • The day started with us detailing the outcomes we'd like... and how we want to treated and involved in the day!
  • Joan and David inspired and motivated us; they modelled and interacted... the day was a total blast and we were 'offline' for the day, a rare and precious treat!  The day was all about relationships, interacting, dialoguing, discussing and delving deeper...
  • We focussed on facilitating;
  • We delved deeper into the areas of inquiry...
  • We spent the day interacting face to face!
  • The support within the team was evident as we confidently and comfortably shared, interacted, and grew together!
  • Finishing the day together sharing and learning more about our leaders!
Following up with a day of the oh so important "practise, practise, practise" as we had the opportunity to dig deeper and explore some of the challenges and successes in our practice in 2013, to look forward to our journey in 2014.

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