Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reflection on the week:

As we travelled out to the airport Rick and I reflected on the journey of the week: Monday - Facilitation PD with Joan Dalton and David Anderson; Tuesday - Inquiry PD with our team; Wednesday - Modern Learning Environment Pedagogy with Derek Wenmoth and Mark Osborne, Thursday, Friday with Hazel, Merrin and David developing our virtual mentoring.  Full to the brim with 5 days of MAGIC PD we reflected that we expect our learners in class to engage with learners 5 days every week.  Immediately this analogy went right out the window as we reflected on the diversity and complexity of our journey this week.  What an unbelievable privilege to be part of this journey. How incredible to see the meshing and mashing of all of the experiences and the incredible power of the combination….


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