Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Christchurch adventure!

In line with my philosophy of fun, I tried to pack it into my first work trip of the year!  I had a day with my daughter to start the trip and pack in the fun we did!  On a glorious sunny day we shopped, had our nails done, walked around the CBD, enjoyed the jazz at the Pallet Pavillion, walked round the Botanic Gardens and went out for dinner!  Just when you were thinking we couldn’t pack any more into a day, we had the shock of my girl suffering a reasonably significant allergic reaction and spent a large part of the night with her being observed and medicated!  What great fortune for me to be there to keep an eye on her too!  As I now know allergic reactions can be scary, rapid and incredibly dangerous.  The bonus of this was that I got to spend significantly more time with my girl!
The next day was an opportunity to meet with my teaching friends, e-sisters in Christchurch and work online.  I also managed to visit the Tannery – a very impressive development indeed!
Two days with my team were indeed wonderful!  It is great to be back with the team!  What an exciting year 2014 is shaping up to be! 
Last night I managed to catch up with the wonderful Nicki, visit the Halswell School rebuild site, go out for dinner and catch up with my girl later for a dessert treat at Strawberry Fare!
Fabulous fun in Christchurch indeed!
So here I am on flight NZ5365 heading home to Dunedin!  The sun is shining brilliantly in the sky!  In fact the weather has been stunning for my time in Christchurch!  I am hoping for a nice long summer…  Woohoo, the pilot has just announced that it is 26degrees at Momona Airport!  I sure am looking forward to relaxing in the sun when I get home!

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