Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 366

Yesterday was my CORE 1 year anniversary!  I can hardly believe it has been a year!  What an incredibly journey I have the privilege of being on!
On a personal note, the day I started with CORE was also the day my Mum suffered a significant fall which has reshaped her life.  What a year this has been as she has moved from an independent fully active life, to a beautiful home, where she is cared for!  She is, as always, a continual source of inspiration to me!  Although this past year has seen a complete change in my life with me travelling so much, I am sooo incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Mum whenever I am home.  Her delight at our visits is just something beautiful to behold.  As I am away so much this year, I gave her a diary for Christmas with a verse I wrote on each page, so even though I do not see her everyday, she has a message from me and knows I am thinking of her.

On a professional note, the past year with CORE has been a year in my life that has seen the most incredible professional learning imaginable.  I have often equated it to being ‘plugged in’ and being charged up.  Many of the people who have shaped my journey and inspired me are now my colleagues.  To say I am in awe of the opportunities this brings is an understatement! The rich conversations and challenges to my beliefs, assumptions and thoughts about learning have added a depth to me as an educator, a facilitator and as a person.  Alongside the everyday opportunities for conversations, challenges and learning has been a wealth of opportunity for me to grow in my own PD; from ICOT, to Emerging Leaders Summit, to Ulearn to all of the incredible hui and wanaga, team meetings and gatherings. I have also been privileged to have shared my journey presenting at many conferences and sessions throughout the year.
Working in schools with leaders, teachers and learners has been an incredible opportunity for me.  I am continually inspired by educators who are passionate about their journey and their commitment to the journey of their learners. 
What then are particular highlights of the year with CORE:

  • My mihi whakatau – what a welcome!  What a wonderful celebration of my adoption to the CORE family;
  • Being a member of BelSouth team – where I feel I truly belong (what a journey, from feeling I had nothing to offer initially, to now comfortably feeling a true part of the team);
  • Being constantly enriched and challenged on my journey;
  • Travelling (more than I have in my life before);
  • Every visit to CORE office – re-connecting and chatting with colleagues;
  • The MLE expo in Christchurch;
  • Wearing a yellow lanyard (as a CORE worker at Ulearn);
  • Working as a facilitator – actively facilitating and supporting a journey;
  • Working in classes alongside learners;
  • Celebrating every trip home – really valuing what home is and how much I appreciate it and my family;
  • Connecting with educators in and around New Zealand, face to face and virtually through social media.
What a MAGICAL journey I am on!

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