Saturday, January 25, 2014

VPLD mentoring hui reflections...

My reflection on my takeaways from this hui:
As our two days together drew to an end we were given the opportunity to draw our takeaways. This was a treat!  I found it incredibly easy to quickly sketch symbols reflective of my journey over the past two days.  During sharing of our images, I learnt so much more about me, and my journey as I explained the symbols.  Now, on the flight home I am revisiting and adding the stories to my symbols!
Clock - time to be, for me, and for me to be what I need to be, and can be for others;
Star - for all the MAGIC aha moments;
Kete - full of tools for the journey;
Bridge - for me to build and walk across when needed; for me to use to support others to cross divides;
Building blocks - to build up for self and others, for order in the chaos, for the fun of the build;
Flowers - for the growth of the journey, for me and for others;
Heart - for the aroho on this journey, for being in the heart of where I am, for my role, and for our team;
Precious gems - jewels, all the precious moments I want to hold dear to my heart;
Chain - the links, new links added and bonds strengthened;
Lightbulb - for the new ideas, the clarity or shedding light on established ideas, and light for the challenges ahead;
Roadblocks - the tools I have developed to know when to go around, go over, bulldoze or avoid, basically the power to reflect on when to avoid the pussyfoot approach, when to avoid the sledgehammer approach, and when to go directly to the heart of the matter!

I am committing to revisiting this sketch, to reflect on and add to this over my journey!  How could you use this idea with your learners to encourage capturing a journey?

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