Thursday, January 23, 2014

Modern Learning Pedagogy

Hot on the heels of our two day LwDT hui comes a wonderful opportunity for our team to work with Derek Wenmoth to delve deep into the Modern Learning Pedagogy.  
Although I thought I would be torn with #latsunconf going on across the corridor I am thoroughly immersed and engrossed in our session.  Due to the MAGIC of social media I am able to catch up on the unconference asynchronously! As we delve into the WHY of our role we are privileged to explore modern pedagogy and practice.

As we delve into what research says about PLD, we reflect on it:
  • is about change
  • takes time
  • needs to be in-depth
  • should be relevant and address concerns
  • should be in context
  • should be done with you not to you

As we worked to surface our assumptions, explore our beliefs, we were able to use a variety of frameworks as a approach to surface concerns/needs/next steps.

This was a stunning day! An incredible opportunity for us to share, discuss, interact and dream!

And I did manage to catch up with the most amazing educators who were at #latsunconf

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