Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking forward to 2014

Here I am on my first flight of many for 2014!
I am flying to Christchurch for my first team hui!
It is 16 days out from my first CORE birthday and I think it is timely to look forward to 2014!
I am acutely aware of an almost blasé attitude creeping into my flying lifestyle.  This time last year I was in awe of the flights, the airports, the travel.  Now I find that I take it for granted a little.
I wonder what the change is due to. Is it that I have so many flights booked for the next few months that I am little complacent?  Is it that I am incredibly aware of how much time I am away from my family? Is it the challenge of living out of a suitcase?  Is it sleeping in different beds constantly?
Whatever it is I am determined to turn it around and respond with wonderment and awe anew!
So, here I am on a bumpy flight from Dunedin to Christchurch flying into 140km winds!  I am uber excited to have a day with my daughter in Christchurch today!  This is one of the extreme benefits of my transient lifestyle!  I simply couldn’t imagine only catching up with her in the holidays if I was in class this year. 
I also have the extreme bonus of catching up with my very good friend Pauline!  I have really missed her and can’t wait for the talk fest!!!
For Christmas I gave Mum a diary for 2014 and in it I wrote a quote on each page so I know that even though I am not there she will know that I am still thinking of her and wishing her well!
I am incredibly lucky that our son is still at home this year so my hubbie and him have lots of boy time while I’m away.
All in all, I am one incredibly lucky lady and I am really looking to the journey that is 2014!

What then are my specific goals?
·      Work life balance is going to be brilliant!  I am going to switch off from the online world at least two nights a week and enjoy family times and outdoor adventures;
·      Loose 8 kilos!
·      Run the stadium to surf in under 1hour 16minutes;
·      Run, cycle, gym, or exercise 3+ times a week;
·      Blog 2+ times per week;
·      Maintain a professional development diary on my blog;
·      Continue to develop and extend my facilitation skills;
·      Develop my facilitator inquiry and record and reflect on it 3+ times per week;
·      Motivate and inspire when I present at TODs, L@S Roadshow, Literacy groups, schools;
·      Share my learning journey through social media, twitter, facebook, blog,
·      Continue to promote and spread the educamp philosophy starting with #educampdunners on 1 March 2014;
·      Develop my mentoring skills as I take part in the VPLD programme;
·      Meet new educators wherever and whenever possible!!!
Enjoy 2014!!!!

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