Friday, January 24, 2014

Day two VPLD Hui

Day two began by reflecting on and revisiting aspects of day 1.  How often do we take the time to do this with our learners?  Can we do more of this?
We co-constructed an agenda and prioritised what we hoped to achieve!  Again I ask, how often do we truly involve our learners in the agenda for the day?
As we re-established the rapport, trust and respect of day one we journeyed into what we want to Know, Feel, Do and Be….
As we moved into exploring frameworks of mentoring I realised anew the power of digger deeper, taking time to go beyond the obvious.  
We looked at a range of frameworks and delved into possibilities.  
This has been an incredibly powerful journey and I eagerly anticipate the times when I can mentor, coach, support, guide, facilitate...

As a way of concluding the session we were able draw our takeaways from the session, with music playing quietly in the background... and this is the basis of a new blog post!  

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