Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creating Connected Communities

Creating Connected Communities

Disco music mix... interesting music mix to use

Kimberley Hall


Use of a google form to crowd source a whole lot of information at the start of a session is a tool I must explore and use a whole lot more!!!!

Defining community was a great start to this session. 

Actively teach our learners critique protocol - help learners to be helpful, specific and kind with their feedback!  

Google critique protocol and find one that works for you!

Our responsibilities are to draw out strength, network and connect our learners. 

Peer-critique protocol example

Playing and creating in Google+ now.  

Actively encouraging engagement is the tricky bit!   What is the purpose of the community?  

The moderator needs to encourage engagement! 

Moderator needs to:

  • appreciate/affirm
  • celebrate
  • question
This should impact on the way people engage.  

Empowering others to share their knowledge.  

My mind is racing with the potential now to use this learning in my moderation role for Literacy Online.  Have you joined our community? 
Sign up here and please interact with our discussion and our journeys to improve outcomes for all learners.

How do we turn lurkers into contributors in the journey?  How we get members to add another piece of the puzzle to our community?

How do we set expectations?
Develop a culture of high expectations!

  • Model the type of participation you want to see
  • Maintain quality around the input in the community
  • Establish yourself as a learner alongside everyone else
  • Exemplify good posts/commenting

  • Be proactive

AWESOME session!!!!

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