Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day Seven Italian Treasures - Florence to Verona to Venice

For as long as I can remember I have loved the sound of Venice so when we booked this trip last November we planned for my birthday in Venice, However due to unfortunate circumstances that tour was cancelled and we rebooked.  I am soo excited to see this amazing place of dreams... 

Up early for a very long coach tour through the beautiful countryside arriving at Verona to view the famous Shakespearean  balcony of Romeo and Juliet fame! WOW I don't think I could have believed so many tourists could fit in such a small area til this trip. Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed a look around this quaint town and giggled at some of the very quirky buskers including the rather bizarre baby in the pram... 

The very famous Shakespeare Balcony
Rubbing her breast is supposed to bring good fortune for those unlucky in love! 

The Verona Arena
Back in the bus to sleep our way to Venice crossing the bridge to the island and catching a water taxi round to the Main area. 

OH MY GOODNESS this place is totally beyond my dreams... Checking into our hotel right on the edge of St Mark's square, again just time for a quick shower and change and meeting In the square and off we went for the experience of a lifetime  - a gondola trip around the canals.

 Robert, Arnick, Grant and I were In our gondola and just as we were about to take off two rather burly gentlemen hopped into the gondola! I thought they were rather cheeky hopping into our private gondola.... MAMMA MIA can you imagine our surprise when the music and singing began. One played the piano accordion and the other sung with a voice box from the heavens.... Agh this truly has been one of the most MAGICAL moments of my life... I simply cannot believe the beauty, tranquility, romance of this place,..

  Then out for a simply stunning Venetian dinner comprising at least six courses again.... Shrimp cocktail, melon, pruscheta, pasta, risotto, salad, fish, then HEAVENLY tiramisu.... Bubbles, wine... Agh I love this place.... 

 After dinner Aida walked us over to the Rialto bridge and we walked back over the cute little bridges over the canals back to our hotel... 

Rialto Bridge 

St Mark's Square


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